For 25 years, Subhash Elektroniks has been serving the photography community by offering a variety of services. Whether your an amateur or professional photographer, our mission is to help people meet their photography needs. Our primary services include:

1. Sales and service of photography products

2. Manufacture of photography accessories

3. Consulting for photography needs

4. Photography courses, workshops and studio rentals


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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people meet their photography needs

We serve all types of photographers: new, amateur, hobby, professional and more. We deal in of all types in Photography (Digital & Film). We deal in  variety of photography equipment and accessories. Whether you are just starting to get interested in photography, or are already an expert; whether you seeking to buy a camera and learn photography or need expert consulting on your professional needs ....  it is our goal to help you meet your photography needs.

Our Business
  1. Sales and service of photography products  

We sell a variety of photography related products and accessories. These include cameras, flash guns, lenses, accessories (such as belts, bag, batteries and more). We sell equipment of various popular brands. Visit our products section , for viewing our product catalogue and ordering the products. We also perform scheduled maintenance and repairs for your valuable photography equipments. Our In-House staff of repair technicians are trained on all major brands of camera equipment, with experience in servicing to high standards. Visit our Repairs section for details and to get a free repair quote via email

  2. Manufacture of photography accessories  

We manufacture a range of niche products aimed towards professional as well as amateur photographers to help them get their best photography experience. These products include flash brackets, safe synchronous cords, battery packs and more. All our products go through a rigorous quality inspection before being released to the market. Visit our Manufactured products section page for product list, prices and order information.

  3. Consulting for photography needs  

Our 25 years of experience in helping photographers, uniquely positions us to offer consulting services to the photography community. Whether you are thinking about starting a photography studio, setting a digital printing lab, buying a new camera, learning photography or simply have a question, we will do our best to solve your problem. Please contact us for further details on how we can custom make a photography solution for you.

  4. Photography Courses, Workshops and Studio Rentals  

Using our network of photographers, we are able to offer courses and workshops for variety of photography topics such as Portrait, Glamour, Table Top and Landscape photography. Our teachers our industry regarded experts and have strong academic qualifications. We offer basic (for beginners) and advanced photography courses. Our workshops are conducted offsite, and include trip to scenic outdoor locations. We offer a fully furnished state of the art studio for hire. The studio has lights, wallpapers, photography equipment, stands and more. Visit our courses section for further details.

Our Affiliations

Subhash Elektroniks recently started the SPT India Chapter . Click on the link to learn how to become a member of SPT India and benefits of membership . We are also members of premier photography organization around the world. These include but not limited to:

  1. DIMA (Digital Imaging Marketing Association)

  2. PMAI (Photo Marketing Association International)

  3. NAPET (National Association of Photographic Equipment Technicians )


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